The art of modifying and personalizing ski boots

We are talking about procedures required not only by competitive skiers, but by all those people who have particular problems with their feet. For pressure points, too big a shoe or for cold feet, there are individual solutions.

Among the many essential tools for the practice of this sport, boots are the most important. The modifications we are able to make to your boots will allow you to experience the best sensations on the snow. For the skier, it will not only be necessary to guess the right level and size of the boot, but it will also be important, in most cases, to carry out small interventions able to customize the physiognomy of the shell in such a way that the foot remains perfectly wrapped and locked inside.

In addition, many people have irregularities in the shape of the foot, such as bony protrusions which, given their size or their particular location, can cause problems in adapting the shoe; these cases can only be managed effectively by making hot changes directly on the hull. In this case, the experience of the specialized technician, even more than the tools or machinery used, will make the real difference. In fact, widening in the correct way, gradually intervening with small adjustments, will make the boots become almost like a second skin; all in favor of the technical aspect and a gain in terms of comfort. An expert technician, in particular addressing athletes, will be able to understand when it is necessary to intervene with cuts and reductions of material by limiting or increasing the stiffness of the shoe. Among the bootfitting procedures we also find various milling jobs and the application of under-sole thicknesses.

We perform these customizations every day. We are also able to replace shoe hooks and heels
To guarantee a good job, direct discussion with the bootfitter technician remains essential.

Shoe insoles

A specially adapted insole forms the basis for precise and gradual power transmission, also preventing fatigue and circulation disorders.

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From Valle Ski Service you can buy customized ski boots from our experts and thus have a unique ski boot carefully prepared for your maximum comfort!

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